Weld Seam Detection at Tubes

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The Weld Seam Detection in tubes is a difficult subject because of the many variables involved:

  • the welding method
  • the type of material used: regular mild steel, highly alloyed steel, magnetic or nonmagnetic stainless steel and, of course, all types of high-strength steels being used primarily in the automotive industry
  • the wall thickness of the tube, e.g. magnetic flux leakage methods are limited by the depths of their wall thickness penetration
  • the type of treatment that the welded tube received, e.g. annealing or coating

That is the reason why ROLAND ELECTRONIC has developed the proven system SND40 for maximum flexibility in Weld Seam Detection.

  • Weld Seam Detection at tubes

    Weld Seam Detection at tubes

    The detection of the tube seam and the exact positioning of the tube are the most important prerequisites for repeatable bending geometries.

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