• Pharma Blister

    Inductive sensor system I10 KV. Non-contact verification whether the correct number of aluminum foil blister strips are in the closed package.

During the automatic filling of tablet packages with blister strips in the cartoner -- aluminum blisters, alu-alu blisters -- packages can be overfilled or underfilled. Content verification is therefore absolutely necessary. In comparison to the traditional use of checkweighers, the Roland blister comparator I10 KV is based on the inertia free high speed eddy current measurement principle and requires only approximately 100 mm space in the transportation belt.

  • Up to 10 aluminium foil blisters in a package
  • Programmable for 255 different package sizes
  • Maximum package height 100 mm
  • Minimum blister size 30 x 60 mm in the transportation direction
  • Calibration with a teach-In procedure
Technology: Eddy Current
- Number: Up to 10 Aluminum blister / package
- Area: Min. 30 x 60 mm Blister area
- Height: Max. 100 mm Package height
- Others: As well as Alu / PVC Blister and Alu / Alu Blister
Programs: 255
Velocity: 500 Pck / min