Dual Head Systems

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The non-contact dual head systems are especially well suited for pass-through Double Sheet Detection.

If different types of sheets are processed, the I20 offers the best choice. It can be used for both for belt conveyors, as well as for magnetic belt conveyors. All common fieldbus types are available.

The low cost system I100 is recommended, when one type of sheet or when rarely different types of sheets are processed.

  • I100


    Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with Dual Head sensors.

    Non-contact measurement:

    FE-Material 0.05 ... 4 mm (.002in. ... .16in.) thickness

    NF-Material 0.2...12 mm (.002in. - .50in.) thickness 

  • I20


    Non-Contact Dual Head Double Sheet Detection of steel and non-ferrous materials

    3 interchangeable Double Sheet sensor pairs for

    Steel 0.01 ... 8 mm and

    NF-material  0.01 ... 16 mm depending on the material

  • L20


    NEW: 3 channel solution!

    Dual Head Double Sheet Control System for Metals and non metal material.

    Laser based function principle;
    Thickness Control 0.3 ... 15 mm

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