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Innovations with high customer value are our strength. Our own developments are always focused on our core competencies. We use the latest sensor and communication technologies. Our investments are above average for the development, so that new improved products come into being.

Our company

We develop, produce and distribute highly specialized systems for factory automation and quality control since 1965. Our sensors and controllers solve tasks that are not solvable with standard sensors.

Global Network

Our global Sales and Service Network ensures that we are where our customers are. We speak their language and give successful advice due to the high competence of our staff and sales partners.


Our customers appreciate the decades of experience in the “Magnetic Technologies” that have made us an indispensable partner for the metal processing industry.

Customer Focus

Our Sales and Service is on site at our customers day by day. The ROLAND Application Laboratory determines the most secure and safest solution for your new application.


Our core competencies are: Magnetic Flux, Eddy Current and Induction. With these Technologies, we build sensors for very special detection tasks. We apply latest laser technology where the advantages of optical technology are required.

Milestones and History

1965 - 2018: The most important milestones in the technical development of the ROLAND ELECTRONIC GmbH, from its beginnings until today. In developing new products we're investing heavily, so constantly new and improved products arise.